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Solar String Combiner Box We have been manufacturing the different types Of Solar String Combiner Boxes in Chennai. Solar Array Junction Boxes, Solar String Junction Boxes, Solar string Combiner Boxes, Solar DCDB
Solar String Combiner Box In order to keep pace with the ever growing demands of our clients, We GEESYS TECHNOLOGIES (India) Pvt.Ltd are involved in offering supreme quality range of Solar String Combiner Box. Features: •Touch safe •Surge protection via Type-2 devise for 1000V •DC isolation switch rated for 1000V/ 250A •HRC Fuse protection on both ve and -ve solar strings with 1000V/10-20A Fuses •Monitoring of strings & RS485 MODBUS communication •IP66 polyester enclosure to withstand harsh environmental exposure •IP65 incoming MC4 connector rated for 1100V DC pass •All ve and -ve cables rated for IP65 cable Gland M12 •IP65 cable gland for 2C •70 outgoing DC feeder line •6 terminals for incoming solar strings •Designed to meet high voltage and other fault current levels of solar systems •Ideal for use in land based PV systems •Tested to extreme ambient conditions
Solar Array Junction Box We are a leading manufacturer of Solar Array Junction Boxes, Solar String Combiner Box in India.
Solar Array Junction Box We have carved a niche amongst the most trusted names of this domain, instrumental in offering premium quality range of Solar Array Junction Box. Features: To Block the reverse flow of current from the battery to solar panels during nights or low radiation levels. To obstruct the sudden surges due to lightening strokes during cloudy and rainy conditions and ground the surges immediately. Efficient String Monitoring - Optional Disconnect DC at the sources Fuses for overload protection on each string Blocking Diodes for reverse current flow protection Easy DC-termination Easy and decent Cable management Time effective as well as money effective for cabling Step by step trouble shooting methodology contemporary DC combining and disconnecting Space saving and orientation flexibility Load-break rated disconnecting Increased granularity Traditional DC combining Reliable electric safety to avoid hazard Online Monitoring* (Optional for DCDB/ACDB)
Solar ACDB We have different types of Solar ACDB. 1. Solar ACDB 2. Solar AC Combiner Box