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Solar Array Junction Box We have carved a niche amongst the most trusted names of this domain, instrumental in offering premium quality range of Solar Array Junction Box. Features: To Block the reverse flow of current from the battery to solar panels during nights or low radiation levels. To obstruct the sudden surges due to lightening strokes during cloudy and rainy conditions and ground the surges immediately. Efficient String Monitoring - Optional Disconnect DC at the sources Fuses for overload protection on each string Blocking Diodes for reverse current flow protection Easy DC-termination Easy and decent Cable management Time effective as well as money effective for cabling Step by step trouble shooting methodology contemporary DC combining and disconnecting Space saving and orientation flexibility Load-break rated disconnecting Increased granularity Traditional DC combining Reliable electric safety to avoid hazard Online Monitoring* (Optional for DCDB/ACDB)
GEESYS Solar VFD Pump Controller Half of the energy produced around the world is used to operate pumps. Compared to diesel generator pumps, the ABB solar pump drive is environmentally friendly, with a long lifetime and low maintenance costs. It is independent from the grid and produces no pollution or noise. Typical applications are irrigation, community water supply, fish farming and agriculture. The drive has many solar-specific and pump control functions, such as built-in maximum power point tracking and dry run detection, as well as sensorless flow calculation. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ensures you to get the best output power possible from your solar panel and it maximizes the performance of your pump along the day while the automatic start and stop with solar radiation can save money and fuel during daylight hours. Highlights 0.37 to 45 kW/0.5 to 30 hp Operates without grid directly from photovoltaic (PV) cells Automatic start and stop with solar radiation Built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) Easy installation and set-up for serial production Compatible with all pump types Good ROI (Return on Investment) against diesel powered pumping Compact and uniform drive module design (IP20) Dual supply capability with change over switch - solar and grid compatible Sensorless vector control of induction motors and permanent magnet motors Safe Torque-off STO SIL3/PL e for emergency stop cat. 0
Solar ACDB GEESYS Solar AC Distribution Box is well Best Quality Product in India. Solar ACDB Manufacturer in India. Solar ACDB Manufacturer in Chennai. GEESYS Solar ACDB has the Following Pritection. 1. Overload and Short Circuit Protection 2. Over Voltage Protection 3. Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection 4. Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection All the Solar ACDB has very higher end Protection to protect your hard earned money immediately.